The programme “Integration and Empowerment of Minority Children and Youth in Albania and Serbia”  is funded by the EU programme EIDHR ( European Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights) and by CCF Kinderhilfswerk, a German NGO. It is being implemented in the following Serbian towns: Subotica, Ada, Sombor and Novi Sad.

The main objectives of the programme are to support capacity building, improve skills and foster more significant participation of individuals, as well as, minority groups in four regions in Albania and new NGOs in four multi-ethnic municipalities in Serbia. They should have a more active role in promoting understanding and protection of their rights in their local communities and at local self-government level.

The target groups are children, youth and parents from ethnic minority communities who will learn to advocate and lobby for the rights and needs of their communities. This will be achieved through training, support and empowering activities. The main activities encompass late registration and training of children and youth, who then teach their peers about civil rights, democratic procedures and children`s rights.

Training, joint workshops, small project proposals, exhibitions and awareness raising campaigns will support and encourage individuals and NGOs, concerned with minority issues, to present their communities to others, to reduce discrimination and promote better integration into local communities.